Our Core Values


Here at SP being all in means you're giving it all you've got no matter what. There’s no half assing anything around here. You’re either in or you’re out. Indecision is a killer. Being ALL IN means that you signed up, you committed, and you’re going to give 100% of your effort. That means you are putting in the work to become better and to succeed at what you are tasked with. 

If you aren’t all in...you’re out!


Discipline is the foundation of success, there’s only one way to get the things we want in life. Friends, relationships, a certain career, a pay raise, better health, a fitter body… & there are no shortcuts; those who are disciplined shall receive greatness in the long run.

There are no shortcuts. Discipline is the only way.


As a company and a family one of our main priorities is to never stop growing. Together we strive to constantly grow the SP brand while bettering the lives of millions of people around the world. As a team we understand that in order to help others grow we must first work on ourselves. We understand that learning is essential to grow and as we grow together it has a direct impact on the lives we continue to impact. As a team we constantly push each other and encourage each other to push ourselves. Together we will conquer the world!!


Figure it the F*%K out. Oftentimes, we give up because we don't have the time, resources, or knowledge. These are just excuses to not follow through on the things we really want. If it's something that you want bad enough you'll find a way. The FITFO mentality will help you stop making excuses and start making you go after what you desire. Like that Job, That Dream, That Opportunity. Together we put in the work and FITFO. 


While most days at SP are filled with supplement talks, planning, emails, intense lifting sessions & protein shakes, we are all just ordinary people putting in the work to have an impact on millions.

Going one more means staying late at work, arriving 2 hours before the boss, helping a friend out, pushing each other to succeed and of courseOne more rep in the gym, one more hour, ALWAYS do one more!


Here at SP we work to develop and build connections that last. As a team we are constantly building the strong relationships we need as it’s our customers that drive us to be the best we can be. Developing connections and building strong relationships is what our success is built on as we continue to develop these relationships with everyone we encounter. We ultimately are creating a brand that is unstoppable, a brand that our customers can trust and can be happy to be part of our family.


Stop living in fear. Stop living afraid of judgment. Stop worrying about so much! Let your mind be free and clear We often overthink too many things. make sure you aren't holding anything back. So many people live in fear and hide from the world it's time to Just live & just do! The things that feel so big aren't near as big as you are making them out to be. 

This life is short. Follow your dreams, Pursue that job, Go on that Trip! JUST LIVE!


Our mission is to help millions of people live a life on their terms, create health and prosperity, and cultivate meaningful relationships. We believe setting a strong foundation and support system is key to growth! Everyone is valued just as much as the next person, Believe in yourself because without that we all have nothing. 

 Believe in this life. Believe in people! Believe in SP! 

  Have FAITH. Believe!